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Flow Meters

We offer our customers more than thirty years of experience in the application and servicing of industrial equipment. Our warehouse stock of meters, pumps and parts is available for your immediate service requirements.


Automatic Liquid Control Valves


Hydraulic Control Valves

Pressure Control

Pressure Reducing
Our pressure reducing valves automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. Other features include check valve capability low flow bypass, pressure sustaining and solenoid shut off functions.

Pressure Relief/Pressure Sustaining
This valve is designed to maintain a constant upstream pressure to close limits, or to function as a pressure relief valve, or operate as an unloading valve in a by -pass system. Options include a check feature to prevent return flow when line pressure reverses and solenoid shut-off functions.

Surge Anticipator
Our surge anticipator valve is indispensable for protecting pumps, pumping equipment and pipelines from dangerous pressure surges caused by rapid changes of flow velocity within pipelines.


Flow Control

Rate Of Flow Control
Cla Val rate of flow control valves maintain a constant flow rate regardless of changing line pressure. Our calibrated orifice plate and differential pilot system assure accurate control. Very small changes in the controlling differential produce immediate corrective action by the main valve. A rate of flow and pressure reducing combination is also available.

Check Valves
Check valves allow flow in one direction only When pressure reversal occurs, the higher downstream pressure is applied to the cover chamber of the main valve through the pilot control tube lines, and the valve closes tightly By adding auxiliary controls, the opening and closing speeds can be adjusted.


Electrohydraulic Control

Solenoid Control Valve
Cla Val solenoid control valves are pilot operated to control fluid flow with an electrical signal. We offer solenoid control valves that can be furnished either normally open "de-energized to open" or normally closed "energized to open:'

Electronic Control Valve
Our electronic control valves take advantage of the simplicity of hydraulic valve operation and the control possibilities available with electronics. Our electronic valve controller is capable of unprecedented valve control accuracy and will monitor system conditions and maintain programmed values. It also provides the needed interface between SCADA system computers and Cla Val hydraulic valves.


Backflow Prevention

Double Check
The Cla-Val double check backflow preventer provides a very reliable means of protection against degrees of contamination hazard. The double check design meets most requirements "-here possible cross connections may occur and where low head loss is critical.

Reduced Pressure Principle
Our reduced pressure principle backflow preventer is designed to prevent contamination of potable water. This is automatically accomplished by means of the "reduced pressure principle: These valves combine maximum protection against backtlow with exceptionally low head loss characteristics.

Backflow Preventers With Detector Check Feature
Cla-Val detector check backflow preventers are specifically designed for use in fire system pipelines. In addition to protecting potable water systems from contamination, they can detect leakage or unauthorized use of water. The detector check feature is available on both double check and reduced pressure backflow preventers.


Pump Control

Deep Well Control Valve
This valve is designed to eliminate pipeline surges caused by the starting and stopping of deep well pumps. The valve is open when the pump starts allowing the first rush of air and water to be discharged to atmosphere. This prevents water from being forced into the system too rapidly which can cause dangerous pipeline surges. When the pump is turned off the valve gradually - relieves the line pressure from the system and avoids a stopping surge.

Booster Pump Control Valve
This valve is designed for installation on the discharge of a booster pump to eliminate pipeline surges caused by the stopping of the pump. The pump is started and stopped against a closed valve, which slowly opens and closes, eliminating rapid pressure changes in the system. Should a power failure occur, a built in check valve closes the moment flow stops, preventing reverse flow:


Level Control

Float Valves
Cla-Val offers both modulating and non-modulating liquid level control valves.The modulating type maintain a constant liquid level in storage tanks by compensating for variations in supply or demand. Non-modulating valves operate by opening wide or closing drip-tight at predetermined levels. These valves can be installed to control either the flow into or out of the tank by specifying "valve opening" or "valve closing" on rising level.

Altitude Valves
Our altitude valves control the high water levels in reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. They are non-throttling valves and remain fully open until the "shut-off" point in the reservoir is reached.

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